hot blooded
sweet talkin’ woman
you’re the one
that I want

this time I’m
in it for love
we’ll never have to
say goodbye again


Day 56 of 100 of a stimulating challenge that combines my love for music and my desire that some day I will write yet again. The poem above is a collage of song titles that topped the charts during in the year 1978 when one of the most enchanting beings ever was born.

My nifty goal is to create one “collage poem” every day for 100 consecutive days. Poetry goddesses and gods – here I come, here I go!

10 thoughts on “1978

      1. Ah, you are so sweet to say this. 🙂 You are a December baby, too?! I love this! And all of a sudden I get it… we are both Sagittarius… this explains so much. We cosmically get the things so many others just don’t. xx

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      2. December people are by far the best! Hands down the most brilliant, awesome, and wondrous beings in existence… 😊😉
        Also, you are so right, we do het things that others simply can’t… ❤️

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