she calls

A million thoughts wash over me as I meditate with my espresso. I carefully wade through them and then slowly release them into the nothingness until I am alone, hovering above, witnessing the moment, and just be.

Most of the time this moment is fleeting. Only lasts a few beats before I am snatched again by my restless mind. Still I continue to come back. To find the balance between the mind and the soul without sacrificing the heart. It’s worth it.

Today though is different. Though my body feels sore from the shitstorms it faced in the past few months, I rise above the soreness as I gaze across the bay into a lovely seaside town that peacefully sleeps on this beautiful early morning.

I find serenity in the still surface of the sea that calls for me. She says: “Drink your espresso then come and swim with me.” My sup patiently awaits to be carried into her embrace. Her salty scent swirls around me. I down remaining drops of espresso and off I go to merge with her. Paddle far away from the shore. Jumping into her embrace. Surrendering to now.

I am.

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