how long can I lament

How long
can I lament
with this depressed
heart and soul

how long
can I remain
a sad autumn
ever since my grief
has shed my leaves

the entire space
of my soul
is burning in agony

how long can I
hide the flames
wanting to rise
out of this fire

how long can one suffer
the pain of hatred
of another human
a friend behaving like an enemy

with a broken heart
how much more
can I take the message
from body to soul

I believe in love
I swear by love
believe me my love

how long
like a prisoner of grief
can I beg for mercy

you know I’m not
a piece of rock or steel
but hearing my story
even water will become
as tense as a stone

if I can only recount
the story of my life
right out of my body
flames will grow


Rumi – How long can I lament

8 thoughts on “how long can I lament

    1. Thank you yet again. Yet, it’s a photo I took a couple years ago while trail running one day during late autumn. While I usually don’t stop, this time I made an exception. It was as if I ran into a dream. This part of the forest was fused with midmorning fog that looked so soft and inviting. It was just impossible to not stop and at first just let the eyes absorb the scene. I find trees to be one of the most fascinating things in existence. The way their branches spread out and reach towards the sky (especially when the leaves are gone) is mindblowing. A lot of times I imagine that the branches are in actuallity roots of the tree that grow in the sky and feed the tree that is buried underground. A kind of an opposite world perspective… Anyway, that morning this forest was truly enchanting and to be honest if a bunch of fairies and trolls were to pop out while I was running I would not find it at all surprising… Or perhaps that would be a sign of my tiredness overgrowing my sanity and taking roots in insanity. X❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Oh my sweet friend, I do believe this challenge you have given yourself has indeed unlocked your enchanting gift for writing… this comment you just wrote right here to me, I got lost in it. You make the forest come alive in my mind, it is ethereal and reaching and majestic. I adore trees, too. I swear they have feelings. I am always drawn to them. Thank you for sharing your stories and vision, I feel so blessed and humbled to witness all of it. xx ❤ ❤ ❤

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      2. Oof. There you go again with a beautiful and mighty praise. You alone are responsible for the birth of The Insufferables! 😊😉 Seriously though, your words made my year. Truly they did. Thank you so much, dearest friend. Much love to you and yours. ❤️❤️❤️

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      3. Haha, I accept my responsibility and regret nothing! 🙂 You make me smile and I am so very truly honored to have made your day let alone a whole year. I cannot believe you are on day 44 – !! It is amazing and I am so looking forward to catching up with all of your creations over the last many days. xx ❤ ❤ ❤

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      4. Inching closer to being half way done. I really didn’t think I’ll make it this far without missing a few days here and there. I do find inspiration in music and real prose and poetry that I seek out. Among the best are your breathtaking literary wandering and unique insights into your world that captivates beyond reason. Thank you for every thought, every word, every breath. ❤️❤️❤️

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