the heat is on
I’m on fire
tonight she comes
material girl

under the raging moon
lovin’ every minute of it
pleasure and pain
what about love?



Starting to like this little challenge of mine. In a way I’m glad for my struggle with writing for if there was none I wouldn’t have embarked on this fun filled journey that combines writing and the one thing I can honestly say I can’t imagine life without – music. The poem above is a collage of rock song titles that ruled the charts throughout the year I discovered rock n roll – 1985.
My most probably overambitious goal is to create one every day for next 100 days. I’m actually excited to do it for it will give me a chance to take a trip through music of the past century or so. Who knows, maybe, just maybe I will manage to revive my inspiration to start writing again… Fingers crossed! Fuck yeah!

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