Do or Talk

Some build, others tear down.
Some take risks, others critique the risk takers.
Some pursue the infinite, others settle for a life of limitation.

Some make change, others complain that things are no longer the same.
Some learn from misfortune, others become held down by it.
Some turn fear into opportunity, others avoid the unknown.
Some never stop learning, others think they have all the answers.

Some do, others talk.
Some give, others take.
Some live, others wish.

Some see the opportunity, others see an obligation.
Some work toward the possibility of excellence, others run from the possibility of defeat.
Some fall and get back up, others stay where they are so they never have to worry about leaving their feet.
Some embrace the elements, others seek shelter.
Some search, seek, and discover; others wait to be told.

Some perform, others watch.
Some persist, others stop.
Some make the most of every single day, others watch those same days go by.

So which one are you?

What will you create with the pieces presented to you? Not tomorrow or the next day but every second moving forward.

Will you build or tear down?
Take the easy road or the road less traveled?

When all is said and done and you come to the end of your story – what will it say?

Your World Within

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