My body is so sore right now. The skin on my hands is full of cuts and blisters. Lips chapped. Knees and ankles aching pretty much all the time. It’s been 8 days in a row now. Of pushing the body to the limit. Every day whatever time I could spare I used to push myself physically. Today I reached my limit. My muscles finally said fuck off to the mind. I’m tired. Beyond tired. Yet at the same time I feel that I expanded the limits of my mind and my body. Pain is temporary. Be it physical or mental. It will eventually be replaced. It might last for a day or two or eight or even a year. But if I quit my journey and my evolution now it will all be for nothing. If I quit now the pain will last forever. I am choosing to sacrifice what I am for what I will become. I am choosing to not just get comfortable in what I am right now for it serves me poorly a lot of times. I am still me but I choose to be better me. And to reach that I embrace the pain, I embrace the hard work, I embrace the pushing my limits. I also need to be smarter. Take a day off. Rest. Regroup. It’s important. It’s part of moving forward… I’m ready. I am. Moving. Forward.

2 thoughts on “moving

    1. All the good things that are more than just a temporary bliss in life are hard to attain. They require commitment, discipline, and hard work. In the end though it’s more than worth it.


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