gone is the spirit of the summer. embraced by the slowly growing cold. inside this enchanting forest. crashing through the thickly weaved trees. searching for what was never lost. there’s still a small sparkle glowing. shimmering inside the storm. craving. raging. as long as it glows. be it together or apart we are forever this winter fairytale. echoing through the oceans, the skies, the forest. we burn. brighter than ever before. alive.

10 thoughts on “winter-tale

    1. Yes!!! Nothing comes close to roaming through the forest in the winter time. There is something about the squeaking sound each step makes in snow as the bare trees and their branches above all sing each in a slightly different pitch. I close my eyes and imagine all the dramas and events these wooden giants must have witnessed. I imagine all the thunder storms and flash floods that violently battered these formidable bodies and their limbs. I imagine the joy of birth of thousands of leaves every spring. I imagine the festive multicolored swirling and dancing of leaves through the air as the winds descend upon these marvelous creatures in the fall. And then the tranquility of winter that is both incredibly beautiful and treacherous… The winter in the forest brings out the primal and the wild from within. The spirit too, the spirit that lives and breathes LIFE! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Allison! You succeeded in making me blush profusely and at the same time ignite the inspiration and imagination to continue to liberate the primal and the wild within and letting them both roam free through this marvelous world. As for hearing the idea that we are creating along side – well, let’s just say minds were blown and humbled (yes, there are a few of them residing within me – one for every mood – and you managed to unite them with your kind and magical words!). ❤️

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