ghostly skeletons
sprawling all over
the ice cold
valley of the forgotten
bes and dreams
crawling deep into
the sands of time
as the memories
tirelessly crumble under
the tears filled sky

16 thoughts on “blink

    1. As for the image goes. It’s a morphing of two images. One of them was taken while I still lived in China (couple days before I left for good). It was taken in a karaoke room in one of Beijing’s hutongs. A night that never quite ended for I spent it with a group of friends wandering through numerous places I’ve grown to love while living there: Tiki Loung, open air rock pool hall/tavern, local craft breweries, hot pot restaurants, karaoke places where they had bathtubs filled with rubber balls and gummy bears inside, etc. My wild had a blast!

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      1. Hahaha. There are thing Chinese do well beyond. Partying is one of them. Bathtub full of gummy bear inside karaoke rooms is another. Oh and watering holes that serve mouthwatering liquid concoctions of every possible kind (I found out I love tiki bars while in Beijing). Oh and the best thing to do when you start to feel a bit tired – 24/7 foot massage parlors – where you will die and go to heaven and then come back to life refreshed and ready to do it all again! 😉

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      2. Ha! How about we meet there tonight at 8pm? 😜 Of course given the situation the Chinese might demand we first go into quarantine for 2 weeks. But hey, tiki bar + karaoke + foot rubs = unforgettable time! 😆

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      3. Seriously though, the tiki bar I’m talking about is called Tiki Lounge and was originally situated in one of Beijing’s hutongs. It moved to a new location after I moved from Beijing, however, the owner is still the same and according to my friends there – drinks are still to die for! Look it up if you have the time.

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      4. There are quite a few places I loved and frequently took advantage of while living there. Sadly after three years the negative impacts of life there (horrifying pollution, nontransparent and shady af business practices, and the fact that almost all the fun things to do there involve alcohol) overshadowed the positives which resulted in saying farewell to Beijing and China. For quite some time I was convinced that the shitty experiences will prevent me from ever remembering the good things about being there, however, now that a few years have passed I am happy to say that not only do I remember the unique and absolutely amazing experiences I’ve had that but also recognize how fortunate I am to have lived, worked, and experienced Beijing and many other parts of China. Of course – Tiki Lounge is still and always will be dearly missed. Also a great excuse to return some day… 😉❤️


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