I recently realized that I’ve been using ellipses was too freely for way too long. It became a crutch of a kind. A replacement. A compensation for talent. A compensation for lack of inspiration. Words used to pour out of me on a daily basis. They might not have been of an amazing quality. Uhm, not even close to amazing quality. Decent quality. Most of the time. 

Life in the past five years slowly ate away at my inspiration. My head, my soul, my heart all eroded from ecstatic to melancholic. There are still days or weeks even of beautiful light. Sadly they are far few and rare. In fact I noticed how the more I use ellipses the less I express. Trying to hide behind it. Three dots in a line that represent my creativity. Or at least that is what I must have thought. Still am thinking. A marvelous delusion… that still… lives… 

Damn! That’s deep! I need more coffee! Another compensation! For life…  Suddenly I found myself deep inside a mental rabbit hole. No fucking clue where I was going with it. Perhaps best to use … again… and again… again… 

Ha… life… 

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