there’s no such thing
as a life fully lived if
you are afraid of death.
tackling obstacles
embracing pain that
comes with chisling
better future while
finding joy in tearing
down well established
limitations born from
generations of self denial

living in the now that
clears the path toward
resurrection of connection,
steady flow of sweet blood
salty sweat and savory tears,
purge of toxicity and bitterness,
liberating the body and the soul,
ascending from the depths of hell,
light and free, my spirit soars

I am breathing and growing,
fearless on the journey
that is life fully lived.
here and now
I am soaring!
and when I can’t soar anymore
I will run,
when I can’t run anymore
I will walk,
when I can’t walk anymore
I will crawl!
moving forward

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