my inability to deal with discomfort was and sometimes still is one of my biggest setbacks. I’ve been conditioned as have many of you to seek out comfort even at a price of longterm failure for we are not evolving but instead running away from potential gain, potential realization of goals and dreams. it’s not just physical discomfort that I run away from but from a mental and emotional one as well. this inability weakens me to a point of perpetual avoidance of discomfort which eventually leads me to failing and falling apart. after much introspection of myself I have decided not so long ago to meet discomfort head on. it started with physical discomfort. pushing myself to the limit. after a while I noticed the external growth that slowly crossed over into the mental and emotional realm. battling through suffering with a definitive goal in sight. embracing discomfort and failures. getting back up. energized and empowered. for I am every day closer to my goals, both physical and emotional. pushing myself to the limit each time. to understand my body, my mind, and my heart. to be honest with myself. to know what I want and why. to go for it. to really understand and at the same time live up to my potential and beyond…

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