she rises from the depths of the river that shimmers in the wake of the past journeys, rising from the mud polluted waters of the past creations, past the reeds of ancient times, shackles shattered on impact with fresh air, sultry salt riddled gust of air penetrates into her lungs, she inhales the freedom, embracing the lights that wrap around her in the darkness of the night, stars warming her soul, guiding her upward, soaring past the known, chains long gone, feeling the connection to the world above and below, her voice singing as it tastes the inner beauty of unconditional be, the heart swells as she opens it to love that is born from within, growing through her veins outward until she is fully dressed in love that shimmers bright in the sky that is her, encompassing the stars, the moons, new born clouds and rainbows… she is beautiful more than ever, her soul gentler, her spirit stronger, for she came back into own be, the power of be, the power of she.

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