snow is falling always
touching the earth
brave through it all, dear soul
snowstorms and windstorms
brave through death and destruction
everything must die for it to have a meaning
for it to turn to soil or snow
time to move on
I am heyoka and I will never again
be ashamed or shamed
for being one
I’m ready
to once again
be home
look, dear soul
snow is smiling
such a beautiful day

9 thoughts on “snow

    1. Thank you. I am finally returning to places like this after removing myself from them due to somewhat traumatic experiences that happened almost a year ago… it feels good to feel them again.

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      1. The pleasure is all mine! I wasn’t familiar with the word/term “heyoka” and – being a curious little kitten – I immediately went into research mode! It was so fascinating to learn about, from both a cultural and a psychological perspective. The poem is lovely, as well, new friend.

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      2. Thank you yet again! I’m glad my post led you to a new discovery. Term heyoka was introduced to me a few years ago and it hasn’t left my way of being since…

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