how come when you need to speak to someone the most you withdraw, D? I know that there’s a deep desire to. Is it that you are afraid that you won’t be heard? or is it that you have no fucking idea how to even begin to talk? bravery is a good thing. so is knowing what to say. how to say. seriously though… what is it that you want to say? are you really a slave to fear of rejection? instead you bend or avoid or pretend. doing that will for sure make your fears a reality long term. sigh. I am frustrated. irritated. to a point of wanting to end it. because what’s the point? we talk of love, of passions, of purpose and yet all we do in the end is be selfish and possessive monsters. ugh. I am disgusted at you. just look at you, D! accept it. this is you. a fucking nothing afraid of every fucking whisper. pretending to be… ah who cares what. just fucking die. the sooner the better. fuck you.

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