today I swam in a lake

long strokes head half submerged

lungs expanding as the sky above

lit up from a blitz thundrstorm

my body caught in the middle

of the shimmering pool of deep blue

never hesitating I swam further

lighting strikes dancing above

rain drops creating miniature clouds

my face crashing through them

cut by giant drops of former oceans

as I submerged under the surface

the gentlest of hushes conquered my ears

raindrops playing a symphony above

accompanied by a song of a siren

she sang my name from the depth

sweetest lullaby penetrated my heart

sensing my impending transformation

fusing with the cosmic ocean

a sense of calm washed over

until my lungs caught fire

desperately desiring sweet sweet air

reborn I emerged and rose above the surface

a newlyborn titan in the making

liberated I now floated…

… to you

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