tiny little voices

“Banana is good for you!”

“Not this one!”


“It’s soaked with espresso!”

“I thought you wanted it that way.”

“Fuck no! It was an accident!”

“Ha! Just like your life is!”


“Well, will you eat it?”

“No! It’s soaked with espresso!”

“Did you ever try it that way?”


“Well, how can you know it’s not good then?”


“Exactly! You are just an entitled pussy who’s afraid of leaping into the unknown.”

“You are probably right. I’m still not eating the banana. You should eat it.”

“You think so?”

“Yes. Make a leap!”

“Fuck yeah!”

*bites into banana soaked with espresso*

“Holy shit on a stick made out of explosive diarrhea!”

“That good, eh?”

*spits it out*

“No!!! It’s horrible!”

“Told you so!”

“Yeah, you did! Still…”


“I made a leap!”

“Yeah you did! Into shit!”

“True. But now we both know for sure that espresso soaked banana is disgusting.”

“Plus! We still love espresso!”

“Fuck yeah we do!”

“Let’s get some!”

“I love it when you are wise…”

“Awe, D. I love you, man!”

“I love you too, D.”

(a sample of how voices inside my head interact)

PS. This came to be due to me being a klutz that managed to spill espresso over a banana…

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