Coming of Age

It’s no secret that my past few years have been volatile and beset with a plethora of heavy and very much depleting experiences that for a long time managed to disarm whatever little good there was in me. Somehow I escaped from the jaws of final defeat and managed to claw myself back into existence. Painfully fighting for every inch. On the way learning about myself – the good, the bad, and very much ugly sides of me. While I am still far from being clear from the demons of the past and at times present I am nevertheless feeling the power within swelling. I reached another milestone today by syncing the mind with the body. Pushing forward. Sensing the cells within evolving. With them the mind and the heart. Coming into power. My coming of age. Embracing life once again. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Coming of Age

    1. Thank you, dear Kindra. It’s been a struggle but at least now I am seeing the results. I also know that the journey is far from over. Yet, I am embracing the darkness as it comes and not just running away from it. Meeting it head on leads to discovery that she is not an enemy, she just wants to be heard and accepted for once she is she morphs into a special kind of light that warms the soul as I am struck with deeper learning that I am alive and well. Right now. This moment.
      Much love to you. ❤️


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