failing at life

I recently saw a video of people failing at jumping, running, doing flips, skiing, swinging, base jumping, living. The message above the video said: people failing at life. It made me so mad. I couldn’t disagree with the message above the video more. It tried to paint all these people as failures. Sure, in that particular moment they appear to fail. Yet, there is a difference between them and majority of others. They went for it. They gathered the courage and jumped into the unknown. I would be willing to bet that all of them picked themselves up and did it again. And again. Because they choose to live. Actually live. Not hide behind excuses. These people already lived more than a larger majority of their fellow humans. So… fuck the doubters and disablers. Go for it. You are in every moment just a few breaths from death anyway. Make life before that last breath matter. Go and win in life. I am. Today, just like yesterday. And tomorrow. By stepping out. Onto a snow covered path. It’s -9 C (23 F). To run. To push myself. To mediate as I navigate through snow and ice. Running. Showing the weak side within that together we can be powerful beyond. And I will continue to do so. Evolve. To come closer. To self. Much love to all. Always.

6 thoughts on “failing at life

    1. You mean one trillion?! Tri in Slovenian means three. And there are three threes so that must be a trillion. If there were two threes that would a billion. And if there were just one threes that would be a million. Maths is easy. 1, 2, 4, 5! Everyone can do it!

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