powerful beyond measure

We are powerful beyond measure. Beyond what we believe to be capable. There’s a light inside us that is so powerful if embraced fully it can help us make a brick cry. It can push us into beyond. It can push us to become what we were destined to be. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are. Don’t let anyone tell you you are not good enough. Embrace your light. Let it shine. Strong. Proud. Defiant. For you’re a being powerful beyond measure. Beyond measure. Don’t fool yourself though! To embrace your light fully you will cry yourself to sleep many nights, you will sweat bullets as you fight to overcome your greatest enemy – you. For no one can knock you down as hard as you can. Fear and doubt. They are your own creation. Yours to own. Yours to beat.

2 thoughts on “powerful beyond measure

  1. Truth evolved, the darkness of ourselves is the only real enemy we should combat against. Others perceive who we show them we are and judge accordingly, but we judge ourselves to a different standard, on that can never truly be seen, for like all abusive relationships, this stays hidden from the world.

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  2. Once again you’ve added another dimension to life. Darkness is something we fear less than light. Even though we tend to blame it for every failure in our lives. It’s tricky for darkness contains both good and bad side of us. They battle within making our life a battle as well. Unfortunately we seek outside blame before confronting our own deeds. When we do so abuse happens. Usually we abuse the most those who are there for us in good and bad. This leads to slow death if not addressed… accepted…


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