day 191 . tears like diamonds

spinout shattered
glasses broken
vision arrested
frozen time
one last sight
oscillating burned within
divine smile
tears like diamonds
cut the face
morph the heart
into fire storm rages
possesses the soul
as the spirit soars
liberated love
cage forgotten

4 thoughts on “day 191 . tears like diamonds

  1. Visually stunning, you don’t need anything else because it’s such as powerful story as it is, intense, driven. For me, it felt like the end of one relationship cascading into another. The damnation of ending the first, what we as humans do to release ourselves after a relationship has come to an end, followed by the discovery, then self punishment, coming to a dawning, a finding of ourselves, either with someone new to help reshape who we are, guide us through the pain, or, a new version of ourselves, who births forth from within the pain, ready for the world. This was a great piece!

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    1. Thank you! You are definitely on to something. While I rarely try to go back to understand what I spewed onto a paper or computer screen I definitely have been struggling with the in-between. Between an end and a beginning. I find our minds chaotic and operating on multiple levels then when levels cross path some interesting and sometimes painful shitstorms come about…

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