shadowtime. part I.

waking up on the cold cobblestones gazing through the dark clouds of the mind laughing uncontrollably knowing that somewhere on this despicable journey I lost my way not realizing it for such a long time that memories of the time my soul started to crack are nothing but a noxious dust that relentlessly devours my liver tasting a mixture of bitter sweet remains of liquor and blood on my lips I slowly get up howling in unison with my battered and bruised body desperately focusing my withering be on the one thing that makes all this pain go away just one more just one more afterwards I can quit

2 thoughts on “shadowtime. part I.

    1. Thank you, dearest friend. It means a lot. My sporadic appearances and disappearances happen due to my somewhat flaky and at times deranged personality. Highs and lows I encounter end upon a page. Or in endless sleepless nights. Thank you for continuous support. It means a lot.

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