day 180 . my be is ready

I have seen and lived on three continents. Experienced life. Experience fun and joy to the fullest. Experienced loss and betrayal. It’s been interesting. It’s been a fucking roller-coaster. Last few years I hit a patch that was in many ways the hardest and by far the harshest. Unfortunately, during this period I managed to forget about my be. Weakness overwhelmed me. It led to loss of self. For a while I blamed the surroundings. Blamed others. As I was at my darkest a realization punched me. Full on. Knocked me down. Whispered: ‘You are where you chose to be…’ Suddenly darkness turned to bright light. Blame game. Blaming others. It’s the last step that leads to the absolute end. For if you blame others for your failures you have already failed. You are responsible for your choices, you are responsible for your failures. It’s easy to be weak. We do not fear to be weak, we fear to be strong! Because to be strong means to fulfill your purpose. Fulfill your dreams. To be strong means to work hard. Fight hard. Live fully. Love fully. To be weak is to live excuses. The choice is yours. Your life is your own to live. Your be is your own to own. So… I’m choosing my be. Every day. More and more. Of course there will be days of struggle. Plenty of them. I scream: “Bring it on!” I am ready. My be is too. Fucking ready! Is!

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