day 27 . robot

Roll up, roll up, I’ll take your heart.

POXY MAD ROBOT ™ is the line. Buy your POXY MAD ROBOT t-shirts at only one part of your soul a time.

I’ve got POXY MAD ROBOT balloons, splattered with lust on black and white – roll up and make your choice.

How about a hoodie with POXY MAD ROBOT sprayed on the side? Just give me two parts of your soul and a sniff of your neck and it’s yours at a discounted price. I’ll even nail it onto you so you never have to worry about losing it!

I’ve got POXY MAD ROBOT matches. They come with highly flammable and combustible POXY MAD ROBOT liquid candles. They come infused with delicious brand new lust! I can spray it on you and set POXY MAD LOVE ™ on fire. Just give up three parts of your soul and a quick nibble of your spine.

Roll up, roll up, just forfeit your boring life. Give it a meaning. Surrender it to POXY MAD ROBOT LOVE ™!



POXY MAD ROBOT, POXY MAD ROBOT LOVE, and POXY MAD LOVE, are registered trademarks of CONSUMERISM ABOVE ALL INC. Any misuse or abuse of these may lead to prolonged ecstasy of the flesh.

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