day 19 . silence

silence says more than a million words. silence that is either blissfully comforting or viscerally painful.
no words needed while sharing a moment. eyes locked. fingers touch. heart beats sync. racing. feeling nothing but pure love. connection. invincible. the most potent of silences.
then there are times when no words are spoken for there’s nothing left to be said. the longer the silence grows, the more the heart shrinks. dries out. blood all gone. for there’s no need for an organ that functions no more.
instead there’s just shattering silence…

One thought on “day 19 . silence

  1. What in God wonders, creation gave us. Skills or labour was he angry? Change certainty was ordered, fairness between all was a critic, but who knows I’m just reading, it’s the waterproof. 🙂

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