there’s always a beginning

no flamboyant opening thoughts. simply expressing whatever is taking place in my head at any given time. sometimes it’s unfiltered joy. other times continuous insomnia induced sorrow.

i am notorious for not planning. or to change plans. or to vanish. or to obsess. especially when writing. so a few months ago i looked in a mirror and suddenly thousands of voices from within unanimously whispered an idea. sure, it came out sounding like an endless babble, yet a few words fought their way to the surface and stayed there until i took notice: 1 piece of writing per day for a year! impossible i screamed back. thousand voices snickered back: we knew you’ll say that. we dare you nevertheless!

dare was accepted. on march 17th, 2016.

was supposed to start a blog along with one of social media outlets. of course i didn’t. because… I. DO. NOT. PLAN. so instead of then, the blog starts today. no, i haven’t manged to write 172 pieces. so far made it to 118.

but hey! the year is far from over.

lastly, give a hug to your cup of espresso if you haven’t yet today.

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