This morning a deep sadness visited me as I entered my exercise/relaxation room. In the top corner next to a window, a lifeless body of a spider hung. A spider that made a dwelling of her own there for the past few weeks. I watched her every day as she carefully weaved and repaired her frail web. Every few days she managed to catch a fly or mosquito to feast on. We grew to enjoy each other’s morning silence. Mine consisted of slowly sipping on a freshly pulled cup of espresso. Hers consisted of getting ready to pretend playing dead as she awaited her next prey. Beautiful coexistence. At least that is how I experienced it. On some days I gently blew my breath on the web. In the beginning she jumped into full alert since she must have though her next meal was captured. After a few days though she must have realized that it was my way of saying hello. On afternoons or late evenings I would sit in a lounge chair that lives right underneath her web to relax with a book or a piece of mesmerizing music. I felt her gaze upon me as I devoured sentences or wolfed down music notes, melodies, and arias. And just before bedtime I always came to say good night, wishing her the most fabulous of dreams. It was such a soothing coexistence. Yet, that is how life is. It starts, it is, and then it ends. Two earthly strangers we were that connected as we journeyed through life. Thank you, dearest creature, for enriching my life. Farewell and may you fly freely through celestial webs.

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