the I

I. In my eyes. I see myself in my eyes. Deranged being that is burning perpetually. Racing to my demise. Though it is far away. It burns beautifully. The skin. Searing and bubbling. Empowering my dark passenger within. Letting him warm up. Loosen the muscles. Stretch the long talons. Sharpen the teeth. Calibrate the eyes. I burn. Lies fueling the inferno that eats away the soul. Blackens the heart. Fuck you, Danijel. Fuck you and your cowardice. Fuck you and your weakness. I can’t wait to swallow you whole. Make you vanish. End the misery you bring into the world. Fuck you and your eyes. Fuck you and your I. I see him grinning as he pulls back into the darkness. Patiently awaits. The day I devour the last of my dignity, the last of decency. The I relinquished. Surrendered. Executed. In the name of love. Hahahahaha. I need a drink. Multitude of them. To drown. And to fuck off. Forever.

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